For Those Who Put Breath in Our Lungs

It’s supposed to be a day when mothers are celebrated, but so many people are left out on Mother’s Day. So here’s a thank you to all persons everywhere who do what moms do best: give life into the void.

In the midst of chaos, darkness, and discouragement, mothers have a unique gift of lifting the mood and infusing life with hope. They believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves and cause us to get up and get out of the mud pit we’ve entrenched ourselves in and walk forward with poise and confidence instead. They look at us and find the beauty, even when we think that we’re covered in muck. They pull off the burden of work, struggle, and sacrifice of our shoulders and put it on their own with a smile, making it look effortless, even enjoyable. They frame our lives with focus and optimism so that we don’t give-up or give-in. We walk forward with their breath in our lungs, exhaling out our own discouragement and inhaling their faith, their beliefs, and their strength. They nourish us when we can’t feed ourselves. They clothe us in dignity that we don’t believe is ours.

They are the life we come from, the life we continue in, and the life we hope we can walk into.

And because there’s not even a little bit of this that’s an exaggeration, they so perfectly show us the model of what it’s like to walk with God. To have someone behind you who is unwavering in dedication to you and to your best.

When we say thank you this Sunday, we say thank you for what they do — and what they make us believe in ourselves, yes, but more than that. They make this story of a loving God possible. Believable. Tangible. They make the thought that there’s someone before us, gracefully guiding us and leading us to beauty, real.

That is why a Hallmark holiday can be sacred. Because a life lived like this dearly deserves a holy acknowledgement of deep gratitude.

Thank you moms everywhere — for life, and for believing that life abundant is to be had, held, and valued.