Pain and Presence

If you ever read Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, you know that she writes a devotion-a-day as if Jesus was talking to you.On Sunday, during church, I felt like I was supposed to write this small message down in that style of reflection. I didn’t quite understand it, and didn’t know if it was fully theologically correct, so I didn’t want to share it. However, after praying about it, and trying to wrap my head around the theological concepts, I decided I’m going to post it here. I have never posted something like this before. In truth, I don’t know why I’m sharing it on the blog. But, this is for somebody out there today. I pray that it comforts you.

(read as if Jesus were speaking to you)

“My power and presence are one. On the cross, the two meet so that you would know that I would bring both. When you have both, you understand sacrifice — You understand deep love. The love that would show up and the love that would suffer and endure.

‘I call those who are mine to both: to pain on behalf of others and to being fully present, even when you don’t want to. My spirit is sufficient in both. My power will provide the strength and endurance for both. This is what love is all about.”

May the love of Christ be with you, truly with you, always,



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