Follow Up re: Trafficking

Yesterday I wrote about practical first steps you can take to actually help to stop trafficking. If you want to end trafficking, please read that post. However,  after posting that blog, many of my friends asked questions via facebook that I realized I should also post here.

One of my friends pointed out that I didn’t address the clothing industry in my last post. I didn’t because the clothing industry is probably one of the hardest changes for people to make and it’s one of the hardest to avoid trafficked products. My advice to her was to download the Free2Work app for her phone and check a product before she buys it.

They recently came out with a specific report on clothing. You can find that at

Another friend asked if I had/knew of a list of resources. I don’t. There are certain organizations I receive letters from and keep an eye out for information from, but a lot of the work for trafficking is either hands on or done in political realm. However, my two foavorite organizations to watch and receive information from are IJM ( and Love146 (

Also, a book that I highly recommend, Not for Sale by David Batstone, has a list of organizations that may be helpful. While I cannot type all that information for each of these groups, I will list those organizations for you here:

Anti-slavery international

Bal Vikas Ashram

Campus Coalition against Trafficking

Children of the Night;

Churches Alert To Sex Trafficking Across Europe

Church mission society

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

Development and education Program for Daughters and Communities

Free The Slaves

Generacion Institiute


La Strada International

Nightlight Design

Not For Sale Fund

Polaris Project

Protection Project

Regina Pacis Fund



Standing Against Global Exploitation

Stop the Traffick

Tiny Star

World Vision


Hope this helps for people who want to take further action regarding trafficking. But please, do NOT underestimate those everyday first steps, especially helping out at local organizations. Recovery is just as important as rescue.




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