You Know You’re a Self-Righteous Jerk When…

There’s a lot of reasons to write this blog today. But, I’d rather just get to the meat of the post. You know you’re a self-righteous jerk when…

12) Your “friends” are happy when you and your spouse/significant other have a public disagreement/fight. They turn away and smile. They’re not jealous, they’re happy to see that you don’t have it all together.

11) When people get to know you and say something like, “I’m so happy I got to know you and see that….” (…that you’re not perfect. That you struggle with this too. etc. ALTERNATIVE I used to think (blank) about you, but now I know that you aren’t like that at all….)

10) When you have a problem with everyone in your church or with every church. Sure, sure, I know you can doctrinally, theologically back-up why YOU can call THEM out on their stuff, but if you’re alone, it’s not because you’re so special and figured it all out.

9) Like #10…when your church is the ONLY church that has it straight. This can be characterized in many ways, but when you don’t want to visit other churches, can’t recommend a good church other than yours, or think “thank God this isn’t my church home” when you’re at another church….then you know.

8) When people don’t hold conversations with you. When there are lots of empty pauses. This is because people know they have to filter around you.

7) When people confess sin to you, but then stipulate it with “I need prayer for this, but don’t worry, I’m not sinning (this egregious way) or having trouble with (this awful behavior). It’s just this (minor sin).” OR vice versa. This is how YOU confess sin.

6) When others are telling you a story about how God has had victory over sin in their life and all you can think is “well, you’re only a little bit down the path. God’s going to do this, and this, and this next.”

5) When you’re happy that somebody tells you about difficulty in their life because you think it will “break them down.”

4) When you put others, including your children, in uncomfortable circumstances ON PURPOSE because you want to see how they will react.

3) When you use only certain language to explain salvation, the bible, doctrine, or more practically, on how forgiveness and apologies “should be” done.

2) When someone has a child go wayward, or their marriage falls apart, or some other tragedy and you can say EXACTLY why that tragedy happened.

1) Quite possibly, when you think this blog post is for someone else other than you.

Of course, it takes one to know one. You know you struggle with self-righteousness when…you can write a blog that’s almost a how-to on becoming a self-righteous jerk.

Have a blessed day. 😉

(Preview for tomorrow…hope for the jerks out there. No how-to’s. I promise. Just some freedom from the burden of being an ass.)


One thought on “You Know You’re a Self-Righteous Jerk When…

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