Stressed Out

I am a firm believer that Satan opposes God’s plan. Whatever God wants to do for you, the Kingdom of darkness fears, and so they make you feel the exact opposite.

Well, this is the second week of advent. So since we declared that this will be a week of peace, and God has said that He’ll loosen (or bind) in heaven what we declare fit or proper (or improper) on Earth (Matt 16), God is sending peace to us. But evil will oppose that. And in particular, I think darkness is opposing it by pushing stress this week. Are you stressed out? Maybe even despite the fact that there’s not really a reason to be stressed? Uh huh. Read on.

So what do we do to combat this inflicted stress? We make straight the paths of our heart.

See, Satan and his ugly minions can only hurt us where we’ve allowed for a chink in our armor. Wherever this is doubt and insecurity in who we are, or who-Christ-is, or wherever we have allowed for strongholds, for sin, that’s where the kingdom of darkness will cause us stress.

For a lot of us, that means that we’re going to pursue excess. If you’re stressed, and you’re an addict, you’re going to naturally turn to your drug of choice. If you’re a worrier, well, you’ll go to bed worrying, dream about whatever is consuming you, and wake up worrying. If you are a control freak, well, you’re going try to control more than you usually do. If you’re lonely, then you’re probably going to be on Facebook a lot more this week. You get the picture.

The fact of the matter is that we try to compensate instead of understanding that there’s a better offer. We feel empty and we try to fill it. But we don’t realize that God only allows us to know our sin for the purpose of us getting rid of it and filling us with Himself. Seek Him out, ask Him where peace lies, and things will turn around. I promise you.


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