And now, Restoration

Last week, I wrote about preparation. But preparation never stands alone. Preparation is part of a three-point system. This dynamic trio is supposed to look like this: preparation; celebration; restoration.

Not what you expect? I’m not surprised.

In our culture, we’ve forgotten the last of these steps. We prepare for big projects, carry them out, celebrate that our investment has paid off, and then go back to the grind. We prepare for the big Thanksgiving feast, eat ourselves into tryptophan commas, and then spend three days cleaning up. And then we feel guilty about being exhausted after such obvious blessings.

Your body and soul need to be restored after pouring out that much. You know it. You feel it. Give in to it.

Maybe the best preparation we can do for Christmas this year is to take all of Advent and ask Jesus to restore us. Why do we have to ask God to do it? Because God is the author of creating things; ergo He is the author of re-creating things. He literally has to build us back up.

He’s done this before. Check out Jeremiah 33. That passage of scripture prophesies Jesus’ birth. But before it does that, God says that He will rebuild Judah and Israel and bring health and healing BEFORE Jesus comes. If God had to do it for when Jesus really came, what makes us think that He wouldn’t have to do it when we’re just remembering what happened?

If we’re really going to have a good Christmas — if we’re really going to understand what a gift Jesus is and each other are — then we have to start now. Turn off the TV, shop less, and really restore. Jesus will meet you there. He really will.




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