Love, Love, Love, Love … Love

I really believe that God is trying to speak to us all the time. I also believe that He reveals different things at different times during different seasons so that His people can mature together. He slowly allows us to discover different parts of the mystery of Him and because He’s so good, He times the releasing of this information for when we really need it.

And right now, I think God is calling for us to sit and discover His love. And I think we’re gonna need it.

Now, I say discover and not RE-discover for a reason. Most of us who have had even one encounter with an Evangelical church, especially in the 90s, have heard someone say “God loves you.” Unfortunately, I think the result of that push has been that most of us, even in the “churched” community, have no real concept of God’s love. And so, even though most of us know that God loves us, we really don’t know God’s love.

How can I make such a rash, judgemental statement? Because I’ve seen the fruits.

People who know God’s love don’t walk around measuring themselves to others the way we do. People who know God’s love can’t keep it inside. They have to serve others. There’s not a choice. People who know God’s love are not as anxious as we are. If God loves us, and God’s powerful, then He’ll take care of us. There’s nothing to get worried about.

The fact of the matter is that we NEED to know God’s love, because if we don’t, then we’re just playing a game of religion. I have an idol. I plead with my idol. I hope my idol hears me.

Our God is better than that.

And so, I’m issuing a challenge to you. Throw away everything that you THINK you know about God’s love and start listening RIGHT NOW to what He’s saying. I promise. He’s going to astound you.

After all, if the greatest commandment is to “love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength,” then we better sit at the feet of God and ask Him what love is.





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