On the Worst Day…

When my “little” brother graduated from paramedic school this summer, I thought I would be attending his graduation to celebrate him. Instead, as I listened to his teachers talk about him and his classmates, I got a lesson

As I watched his class of 100 students walk in, all in their paramedic and local firefighter uniforms, I have to admit that I got choked up. Seeing 100 men and women of sheer honor, 100 men and women who have made the commitment to save another’s life at the expense of their own almost every day of their lives, was absolutely moving. But what came out in their speeches took my admiration for these kids to a whole new level.

Both the instructor and main student speakers acknowledged that they have the best job in the world.


Because they get to be with someone on possibly the worst day of their life and help them.

They weren’t celebrating a promotion or more money or more power. They were celebrating that they are finally free to use their talents and giftings and calling to serve someone else more.

Their attitude, their servitude, reminded me of Jesus. No pride. No arrogance. Just a pure desire to rescue people from the brink of disaster…no matter what it takes. Because, for Jesus, like these men and women, it’s an honor to be with someone on the worst day of their life and to bring life back to them. It’s something that blesses Him.

A lot of us avoid God when we’re at our worst. Sometimes, it’s because we can’t talk to Him — there’s literally nothing left. Sometimes we’re just plain overwhelmed. But the words of Nahum 17:8 put things back in perspective. “For the Lord is good. A stronghold in the day of trouble. The Lord protects those who seek refuge…even in a rushing flood.”

When the flood is overwhelming us, maybe, just maybe we need to seek some refuge. Maybe we have to call for the Paramedic and surgeon of our souls, and invite Him in even more. Ask Him to be with us on one of the worst days of our lives. Ask Him to be with us in the worst season of our lives. His love will keep us together until His love can heal us completely. All in His time.

And if we’re not hurting? If we’re not at an ah-ha! moment? Then our job is to be a paramedic. Let’s get people to Jesus. Not fix it ourselves, but get them to Jesus. Be a paramedic and get people to the healer. No matter what it takes.


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