A Crisis of Purpose

When I got pregnant with my son, one of my closest friends said to me. “Oh, Pam, you had so much potential.” It’s something that’s stuck with me. Perhaps why it stuck is because I’m part of Generation Y. I was raised with the ideology that “one person can change the world” and that we are all uniquely gifted to do so.  The problem with that thinking is that if you “miss” your calling, you’re purposeless. In essence, my friend was telling me that I was going to miss my purpose and settle for something else. She couldn’t have given me a bigger lie.

If you want to talk about purpose, you have to see it from God’s perspective. What does God want you to do? Well, God wants His will — He wants you to grow and change and become the most authentic, loving, kind, generous, anxiety free person you can be. He wants you to grow to trust Him more.  And that can be done in lots of different ways at lots of different times.

The better question for us becomes what do we “do” to aid in process of trying to conform to His will? For Christians, the Bible tells us to do lots of things. We’re to pray — for ourselves and the people that are part of our life. We are to be like Jesus and be a bridge — bringing people to God. We are to be salt and light, preserving the life in people and guiding others to a path of true fulfillment. We’re to be harvesters, bringing people to understand this life they’re given and showing how to give glory to the master. We’re to be stewards, caring for the things and people we’re given responsibility for.

The common denominator in all of these metaphors is that we are to interact with each other. The problem is that most of us see these actions as a “do.” We meet and interact with people and do a mental “check” as we leave them. And that is not from God.That won’t lead to fulfilling his will. It leads to a crisis of purpose.

As we enter fall, I’m realizing more and more that God is begging us to be relational with one another again. If God could get pissed off, then He’s pissed off at how isolated we’ve become. He’s sitting up in heaven going, “I’ve given you life — I’ve given you each other — WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

It’s not a matter of community. We all have churches and jobs and neighborhoods that we have to interact with others in. It’s about voluntarily getting uncomfortable. Letting other people see us. Being together. Not to share your latest story, but to just be together. Let other people see you raise your kids. Not because you’re having a half an hour coffee and talk session with them in your home, but because you’re spending the day together. Invite someone over on a Saturday to just hang out the whole day. It’ll change your life. It’ll change how you measure the happiness in your life. It’ll change how important you feel your life is worth living.It’ll change how and what you praise God for. Truly, it’ll have you giving more glory to Him.

Stop with the scheduling. Stop with the planning events to go to. Get in other people’s homes and start being.Go out in the wilderness and hang out. Be real. Be authentic. It’s the only way to find out what God made you for — to LOVE others and to love Him.


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