Tom is a road trip type of guy. Nothing makes my man happier than the idea of sitting in a car for hours upon end.  I, however, am not. And so, I have come to value “checkpoints” along the route. You know… rest stops, tourist sites, restaurants, shopping, major towns… that give me an idea that I have traveled “X” amount of time, and I have “X” amount of time left.  It’s my little way of checking in: I know where I’m going, and I’m on the right path.

Which gets me thinking about the “checkpoints” God gives us in life.  At checkpoints on the road, you tend to stop, refuel, and throw out the trash. I think life checkpoints are the same way.

Tomorrow, I hit a personal checkpoint. I turn 27. My whole life, I’ve thought of 27 as a turning point. Not 30, not 40. Twenty. Seven.

As I hit this personal milestone, I’m evaluating more than I usually do. What am I happy with, and what needs to go? I’m thanking Jesus for the foundation that He’s laid under my feet, but I’m also aware that the next portion of my life is going to test that foundation more than ever.  So, at this checkpoint, I’m examining my feet, and making sure they are securely grounded. And I’m boldly asking for fuel to fire me for the things that I know I’m supposed to journey towards. This one is a little hard for me to do (I hate asking for anything for myself). Today, however, I read something in Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest that really challenged me. He asked: “Am (I) thirsty, or smugly indifferent, –so satisfied with (my) experience that (I) want nothing more from God?” And so, I’m thinking about what I want.

I explained this to Tom last night in slightly different terms. He was asking me how I thought my birthday was going to go on Thursday. “What am I excited about? ”

“I think I’ve wanted some things in me to die for a long time, and I think God’s going to let them die.” I was patting myself on the back when he questioned me back,

“What do you want to die the most?”

Oh. Oh. Now that was the question. Because every time we stop. Every time we rest. Every time we reflect, God gives us the opportunity to ask for things that will allow us to live, but He also invites us to ask for the things that need to die. And He asks us what we want the most.

I wish I can tell you what that birthday wish to my heavenly Father will be. I don’t…yet.  But I’m getting closer. And when I go for my morning prayer tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll have the answer to what I want to simply walk on. Because eventually, the path leads to home. But in the meantime, I enjoy traveling with a God who can help me stop, reevaluate, check the route, refuel, and throw out the trash. Checkpoint? You betcha.


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