I’m not a CBS fan, at all, but CBS has a program they air on Sunday mornings that just may be the best thing on TV. It’s called “Sunday Morning.” In it, the producers cover news, sports, politics, comedy, entertainment, American life, and art. It’s the most educational and enjoyable show that’s on TV.

This Sunday, they had a myriad of Easter related stuff, but one of the things they focused on was Gospel music. They interviewed two of my favorites, Israel Houghton and CeCe Winnans. Both shined. But they also interviewed a non-religious Gospel singer. I guess it’s the new fashion to sing old country hymns as secular music.

The woman described how in making the project, she wanted to change some of the lyrics. For example, she gave the song “All creatures of our God and King, lift up your voices let us sing.” Because she found the term King patriarchal, she was going to change it.  In the end, she didn’t, and she was glad she didn’t.

I don’t know why anyone would have a tough time with the word King. In fact, if you ask me the way I identify with Jesus most easily, I would say King. And not just because I know He rules over all, but because that’s the most comforting to me.

My Lord is actually King. Would it be worth the term “God” if He was anything else?

A King is the one who has the authority to grant pardon, peace, to make pathways and construct new things. A King is the ultimate father in that He can grant any need for his child. It is the title that grants the most security in trusting Him. Not a queen. Not a bishop. Only a King.

And my King allows me — no, encourages me — to embrace Him. To eat from His table. To spend time in His counsel. To find my purpose within His kingdom.

Why in the world would anyone reject the term King? Maybe it’s because they don’t know how good that term could be?


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