Let Me Tell You a Story

I heard this on the radio today. It touched me, so I’m passing it on.

There were two brothers who lived in the country had a really close relationship. When they grew up, they even decided to have their farms adjacent to each other. But one day, the brothers had a falling out. The one brother was so mad that he went to the edge of his property that touched his brother’s land and decided to build a river between the two farms.

“Now my farm won’t even touch his land,” he thought.

Well, the other brother, not to be outdone, got angry and decided that he was going to build a fence.

“I won’t even have to look at his land.”

So the second brother hires a contractor to lay the fence. After explaining to the carpenter what he wants and why, he takes off for town.

On his way into the driveway near his house, the second brother notices that the contractor hasn’t built a fence. Instead, he built a bridge over the river. Fuming, the brother began to walk toward the bridge to confront the contractor. But he noticed that his brother was also walking toward the bridge, his hand outstretched.

“I can’t believe you did this. I did so much to wrong you. I just can’t believe you would offer this” said the first brother.

They embraced and reconciled.

Isn’t that a beautiful story? Maybe I thought it was just because God’s been having me apologize more in the last year of my life than I even have.  I’ve said I’m sorry for big mistakes and small. Stuff I was only 5% responsible for and stuff that people should have totally walked away from me for. I’ve been brought to humbling places and I’ve been to places where I’ve prayed that the people would somehow forgive me.

There’s fear in apologizing. There’s fear in thinking of the rejection. But I’ve found that being quick to admit my faults is the safest place for me to be., especially right now. I’m learning how to surrender more everyday. And when it comes to others, I’m still learning how to surrender to Jesus’ ability to build the bridge. Whether I’m at fault or not.