Mommy, what’s freedom?

Last Sunday, I spent some time up in children’s church with Noah. Our kid’s church is structured to provide kids with ample amounts of space and safety to explore their relationship with God. Since it’s not over-programmed, kids have the natural opportunity ask questions. (By the way, I love that we don’t brainwash kids.)  On this particular Sunday, Noah had two questions: “why did Jesus have to come, mommy?”

“Jesus came so that we can have freedom, Noah.”

“Mommy, what’s freedom”

My answer was one of those moments where God had to have taken over my mouth.

“Freedom is the ability to choose what’s good, Noah. It’s a way to choose good and to choose God.”

Hmmm. It makes you think. In fact, I’ve been thinking about my answer all week. It came so easily, and yet, it healed so much just saying it.  I’ve been allowing the words of John 10:10 (The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly) break into my life for two years, and it has brought so much joy, so much peace, so much transformation that I am astounded. Hearing myself say those words to Noah, I realized that he’s getting correct theology from the beginning.

God is good. Always.

God brings good. Always.

So if it doesn’t bring life (transformation, glory, peace, joy, reconcilliation, growth), then it’s not from God. Choose otherwise.

I wanted to push myself into the usual meditative sadness for Good Friday yesterday, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because this year, more than any other year in my life, I am fully aware that I am free, and so, I am filled with gratitude and joy. It’s not just that He saved me from eternal damnation. He’s given me life. He’s breathed in me a way to get rid of the “Perfect Pam” syndrome that stressed me out and made me into a person that I hated being. He’s given me a path to pursue Him out of a love relationship, not a guilt-trip inducing religion. I am overwhelmed by His goodness. I am overwhelmed by His freedom. I am overwhelmed by His love.

And so, when I say “Happy Easter,” I mean it. Happy…Happy…Easter. Happy Resurection indeed. For I once was dead, and now He raised me to life. And life abundant at that.

Since I’m posting this from a hotel, I can’t post a youtube video today. But Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone” would be my worship song today. Just maybe not Chris Tomlin singing it.


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