Where is the … grace?

Today doesn’t seem to be a good day for grace or mercy. Today is a day where the word “regret” is being used far too much. Just go to any congressman’s facebook page, and amidst some comments of praise and support about their decision on how to vote on the Healthcare bill, you will find threats of “you’ll regret this next fall.”

In my own life, that word has been swirling about since last evening. See, I have always lived by the motto “no regrets.” I haven’t lived that out in an adventuresome way. Instead, if I made a mistake, I worked to rectify it — to accept that I needed God’s grace to get through changing that situation to be one that would bless me and bless others. But there is one thing that I do regret that I haven’t been able to rectify completely, and I’ve lived (since I’ve been seventeen years old) to let God perfect my character through that mistake.

I found myself wrestling, beating myself up again, about this one regret this morning. After reading so many comments about how people feel about the Health care decision, my shoulders tightened, and I found myself in a place without grace or mercy. That’s dangerous territory.

But once again, the Lord reminded me today that, like everyday, must be a day to submit and accept His grace, His will, and His authority to do anything and change anything. Because He is good all the time, and works to make good in all of creation.

I find myself in Proverbs 3 today:

21 My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight; 22 they will be life for you,
an ornament to grace your neck.

I don’t have a choice today. I have to wait for and accept when the Lord speaks to me about  sound judgment and discernment. I desperately need grace around my neck today, because the other option is to walk around stressed out and open to attack by the enemy.

I choose God. I choose to walk with His declarations before me, even those that make me feel so small and humble, because the other way leads to a place where there will be regret.

I’ll stay in the path of no regrets.


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